Beware these ‘category killers’

Reader Input
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Mr. (Steve) Cavolt’s recent ad (Journal, April 11) states that Bohemia (project) will be of benefit to the community in terms of jobs, and will stop tax leakage to other communities. Thinking local first does not mean spending our money and sending it to a corporation in Arkansas. While there may be some jobs, they won’t be in construction as Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club bring in their own non-union construction crews. They hire poorly paid non-union workers to staff their stores, driving down wages locally, costing the taxpayer money as we pay for their health care and killing off higher-paying jobs … a net job loss. These big boxes are known in the industry as “category killers.” Blight ensues with multiple store closures. Quoting from the draft environmental impact report: “The proposed project would include services that would compete with existing businesses, including general retailers and groceries in Placer County to the extent that those businesses would close and the resultant vacancies would contribute to physical deterioration and urban decay.” Proposed recovery is projected for 2015-2020 depending on the type of development. Oh, and has Home Depot killed off business? Uh ... have you been in 84-Lumber lately? VICKY MURRILL-CONNOLLY, Auburn