In the Bible, it’s called an ass

Reader Input
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After I read Ed Saiz’s letter to the editor (Reader Input, April 18), I felt compelled to write one addressing “Such language before Easter.” What about other times and to what degree?
Not too long ago, Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Flocke (a White House part-time employee and student) a slut and prostitute because she wanted free birth control.
This, of course, is inappropriate but compared to what Bill Maher said about Sarah Palin, her daughter, and Sarah’s own Down Syndrome child was way beyond disgusting even for cable TV.
What Rush said was all over NBC, CBS and ABC television stations. Not one station reported the vile garbage that came out of Maher’s filthy mouth. (Oops). I don’t think the one-sided liberal media wants anyone to know how biased they are.
This is not fair to the viewing public or decent journalism. Rush did apologize on his radio show to Flocke. Maher is too arrogant and stupid to know he said anything wrong. Maher has gone to attack others and even more children.
In an interview, (President Barack) Obama made a statement, “People’s families are off-limits.” He also said he will “lead by example.” Obama has not said one word about Maher’s attack on conservative women and children.
Oh yeah, Maher donated $1 million to Obama’s Super PAC and he is keeping the money. In my opinion, Obama is not only a hypocrite, but he has no integrity. The logo for the Democrats is a donkey. In the Bible, it is called an ass. How fitting.
Carol Stearns, Newcastle