Bicycle confrontations frighten driver

Reader Input
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I read with interest the Monday, Sept. 19 Auburn Journal article, “Cyclists, residents debate courtesy on roads.” Unfortunately, this debate goes far beyond courtesy. It’s about safety for both the driver of a car and the bicyclist. Residents in and around Virginiatown Road haven’t experienced anything until they drive up or down Baxter Grade (connects Wise Road and Mount Vernon Road) on a Saturday or Sunday or for that matter any day of the week. Baxter Grade is a narrow, curved roadway which drops off steeply on one side. On Sunday, Sept. 18, I was driving down Baxter Grade, rounded one of the sharp curves and came face-to-face with a cyclist in the middle of my lane. He was peddling uphill as fast as he could to reach the lane he was supposed to be in! Fortunately, for both of us, I narrowly missed hitting him. If that wasn’t enough to endure, on Wise Road, a group of five cyclists were riding abreast across the entire road. They refused to pull over and allow us to pass. Two unpleasant incidents involving cyclists in one day should alert all drivers to proceed with caution. It also paints the picture that each year as more cyclists use our public roads for their recreational hobby, we are subjected to their lack of regard for safety. Pamela Simning, Auburn