Big box affects each of us

Reader Input
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We must accept progress, but the voice of the citizens should be heard and considered (Journal, June 30). Mr. (Jim) Conkey feels he is correct in accepting a large box store for North Auburn. It is to be built on his land, and he has the right to do as he pleases within the law and the go-ahead from the supervisors who happen to not be living close to the site to be affected by this big project. The nearby residents as well as some of those in the city of Auburn and North Auburn feel otherwise. The environmental impact and traffic congestion will greatly disrupt the nearby residents. Highway 49 will have increased traffic problems as well as Luther Road. I believe it is not too far-fetched to say that the town of Auburn could possibly become like a ghost town. Shoppers and tourists could easily by-pass Downtown Auburn without stopping to sight-see, shop or dine.  As we all know, the entire world is changing rapidly. We must be on the alert and not allow the dominant powers to override the majority of citizens. Perhaps we should adopt the policy of living “one on one” — helping each other to survive. What affects our neighbor will eventually affect us. This can be either for the good or the bad. This is part of the code of ethics. Bee Toomey, Auburn