Big box store study invalid

Reader Input
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The Bohemia big-box store proposal fails to comply with important goals and policies in the Auburn/Bowman Community Plan. It fails to encourage compatibility between neighboring uses. It fails to maintain the character of established residential areas. It fails to protect open space. It fails to protect native vegetation. It fails to retain natural features as buffers between different uses. It fails because the height and scale of the proposed building are not compatible with that of the surrounding residential development. It fails to follow parking goals. It fails to adhere to Policy Q to “encourage the development of professional offices and similar low-intensity commercial uses, as a buffer between retail commercial areas and adjoining residential developments.” Furthermore, the draft environmental impact report’s socio-economic projections are misleading. Projections of retail growth, based on trends between 2000 and 2006, are now invalid. Projections of population growth from July 2007 are also invalid. The study subtracts a small amount in the growth rate for Auburn, but the growth rate projection is still more than double the actual growth rate cited. Therefore, the entire study involving supply and demand is overly optimistic and invalid. Because of these deficiencies, the proposal must be rejected or significantly revised. Cari Dawson Bartley, Auburn