Big bucks to be had in public sector

Reader Input
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Why is it that Kirk Uhler and the gang don’t object to these wages (Journal, June 23)? Because other public employees are telling other public employees how much they’re worth! Is it altogether an abstract thought to put these matters of worth in the hands of private sector professional people; how about some CEOs, small-business owners and the like? These “mandated” positions are just that, “positions.” What they don’t mandate is the salaries. You could argue that we just would not get the best people to apply if you paid less. How do you know? Did the state people or maybe the federal people, or El Dorado County people, or Sacramento County people place the value on these non-elected positions? It goes on and on and on. Public employees keep comparing themselves to other public employees in other counties and no wonder they now make more than private sector jobs.  James McKesson, Auburn