'Big government' gripes biased

Reader Input
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Republicans and tea party supporters seem to be disingenuous in their complaints about deficit spending and the takeover by “big government.” I say this because I did not hear these loud, angry complaints when the Bush administration took the surplus Clinton left and turned it into a deficit, nor when they implemented policies such as warrantless wiretapping and the seizing of bookstore and library records, to name just a few of Bush’s intrusive big government policies. It never ceases to amaze me that many people are all for government intrusion when it is for purpose of “defense” (i.e. war) but not when it is so that the sick and poor can access medical care. If you are only “mad as hell” when Obama or Democrats engage in these things then you appear to either just be partisan or to be uninformed about recent history and the issues — or maybe just hypocritical. Elizabeth Johnson, Auburn