Big money allowed to legally steal

Reader Input
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It is interesting that some folks continue to cling to the cry that President Obama’s administration is doomed to failure simply because they cannot overcome their own failure to recognize the facts that are in front of their faces. The finger-pointing, childish accusation of “socialism” may have had some validity a half-century ago, but civilization has moved beyond that sort of simple thinking (hopefully). Any objective analysis of our present financial and political morass is bound to conclude that it is the result of the hijacking of the process by big-moneyed interests. How else to turn this around if not with regulations? The only socialism we have seen in the last quarter-century is that which benefits the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. This is the true definition of “class warfare” in our time. When hard-working, honest families can barely keep their heads above water these days, it is not because of excessive taxation and regulation. It is because of legalized theft by those who pull the strings. Michael McConnehey, Auburn