Big oil backs bad initiative

Reader Input
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Valero is the seventh largest polluter in California. Both Valero and Tesoro have pledged $2 million to pay signature gatherers. We urge Californians to not sign any petitions supporting this deceptive ballot initiative (AB 32). Big, Texas oil companies are trying to buy Californians’ votes. Companies like Valero and Tesoro announced last week that they plan on fully funding a November ballot initiative that would halt clean energy efforts and pollution control standards to clean up our air and atmosphere for our kids and future generations. This proposed initiative would increase our dependence on oil, cost us more money at the gas pump, guarantee that our children continue to suffer from asthma and other harmful health effects caused by dirty air, and hold California back from being a national leader and creating jobs through advancements in clean technology. Californians support improving the air we breathe and cleaning up our atmosphere. We want to be a leading innovator in breakthrough technologies in renewable energy and produce greener vehicles that all Californians can drive. Matthew Conti, Lincoln