Big problems need fixing

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In answer to the letter by Ann Laman in the Jan 3 edition of the Journal, we are in desperate need of a change in health care, energy and education. No matter how bad any health care reform will be, I feel sure it will not kill 50,000 people a year because of a refusal to provide medical treatment. Nor will 35 million people go without needed health insurance, because of the constantly increasing costs of health care. The energy sector is busy buying smaller and weaker energy firms in order to make it easier to charge way too much for their products. Does anyone remember $4.50 gas? Or have you tried to buy the gas-saving synthetic oil, which has recently gone up to $8 or $9 a quart from $4 or $5 several years ago. The school problem, of course, doesn’t bother the rich, but many poor families can’t afford to provide their children with a college education. There are not enough scholarships and government support of education for the poor to escape from welfare or the criminal activity those in desperate need turn to. Mike Douglas, Auburn