Big tobacco likes Gaines

Reader Input
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In the last several elections it has become apparent that Ted Gaines has been the recipient of a great deal of financial support from the tobacco industry, especially Phillip Morris. They were good for a donation of $3,900 in June of 2009. The Winston-Salem group also contributed $1,500. The tobacco industry is concerned that smokers are decreasing because of bad publicity, and that smokers die off earlier, so they have promoted smokeless, i.e. chewing tobacco. They want to get the youth started chewing so they will be hooked on nicotine by the time it’s legal to smoke. The tobacco industry is that ruthless. An Associated Press article stated that 440,000 U.S. citizens die each year as a result of tobacco usage. How can our (senator) accept help from the tobacco industry? Mr. Gaines takes pride in being a family man. My question is: What does he tell his kids? George Beland, Auburn