Bigger is not always better

Reader Input
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With the closing of our (Sutter Auburn Faith) Family Birth Center, I am filled with sadness, frustration and anger (Journal, June 29). Sutter (Health Sacramento Region board of directors) has seen fit to take away this important part of our community because it is no longer profitable for them. I guess this leaves more money for them to donate to the Sacramento Kings, the River Cats and their extremely high-paid Sutter CEO. The Sutter powers-that-be claim that now our local families can birth at the “newer and bigger” Roseville facility, but “newer and bigger” do not equate to better. I seriously doubt that the Roseville facility can or will provide the personalized care and the birthing options that were available at Auburn Faith. I believe it has been Sutter’s plan for many years to close our birthing center. What’s next? A big thank you to all the Family Birth Center staff for their care and devotion to birthing families over the years. Sally Ellsworth, Applegate