Bike Auburn surplus to promote outdoor sporting events

City Council approves expansion of vehicle leasing
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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The Auburn City Council approved for a surplus of more than $12,000 raised by Bike Auburn for promotion of the Amgen Tour of California to be transferred to the Endurance Capital Committee Monday night. In his presentation to the council, Police Chief John Ruffcorn said the members of Bike Auburn voted unanimously for the funds to go to the committee to promote local outdoor sporting events and activities. Along with the $12,692.42, three pieces of Lance Armstrong memorabilia will be given to the committee. Bike Auburn was formed last year to oversee the event operations of the tour locally, engage residents in healthy outdoor activities, promote cycling in the community and support Breakaway from Cancer locally. Since the Amgen Tour of California will not be passing through Auburn or the Sacramento region in this year’s race, Ruffcorn said the group wanted the money to go toward promoting other events, possibly some that would need seed money to get up and running. “They’d like to give monies to the Endurance Capital Committee,” Ruffcorn said. Councilmember Dr. Bill Kirby voted in favor of the motion, but said as someone who donated to Bike Auburn he was disappointed that the money wouldn’t be geared specifically toward biking events. “As a sponsor of this event I absolutely don’t agree with the committee’s recommendation,” Kirby said. “I think this money should be left for seed money for biking events.” Kirby said he, and probably many other donors, donated on the assumption that the money would be used specifically to promote cycling. Kirby said he would support the motion if the Bike Auburn website would be maintained through its three year donation with the monies, which the council adopted. Councilmember Kevin Hanley said he believes people who donated to Bike Auburn will support the money being used to promote outdoor sporting events. “A lot of people gave money to Bike Auburn not only because they love biking, but also because they love Auburn and what we represent,” Hanley said. In the motion, Bike Auburn recommended that the fund not go below $10,000 in 2012 and not go below $5,000 in 2013, which the council adopted. Kirby said the city never ended up needing to donate any money to Bike Auburn last year, so there will be no need to recuperate those funds out of the excess. Police department expands vehicle leasing program City Council authorized a motion for the Auburn Police Department to replace two of its aging, non-pursuit vehicles with cars leased from Enterprise Fleet Management. Currently, the department leases two vehicles from the company, which Police Chief John Ruffcorn said has resulted in a savings to the city. Enterprise maintains the vehicles “The financial department as well as the police department would highly recommend this,” Ruffcorn said. The cost of the initial lease varies between $5,544 and $6,140 annually depending on the vehicle, according to the report given by Ruffcorn. In other news: •The Sierra Business Council presented City Council with the Auburn Community-Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, an information item only. Based on the report, City Council can decide whether or not to take the next steps to develop a community action plan to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the future. • City Council approved a letter of support to Senator Dianne Feinstein urging her to continue her efforts to push for Americans with Disabilities Act reform at the state and federal levels. Councilmember Kevin Hanley said he may give the letter to Feinstein at an upcoming meeting they have. • City Council also approved a letter requesting that legislators continue to include funding for the Auburn State Recreation Area in President Barack Obama’s budget. It will be distributed by Holmes to Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and Congressmen Rodney Frelinghuysen and Tom McClintock when he makes an upcoming trip to Washington D.C. Reach Sara Seyydin at, or follow her on Twitter @AJ_News.