Bike-bashing letter writer hits new low in Journal

Your Views
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Has there ever been a more inane or offensive letter than the one written by Debi Stalder (Your Views, Feb. 20)? She claims bikes should “keep off the roads that are made for automobiles.” In fact, Debi, there were roads for several thousand years before there were autos — roads that were accessible to all. And today, public roads (except freeways) are still open to all — seniors walking dogs, women with strollers, joggers, skateboarders, horses and bicyclists. This is simply the law, and your bellicose pettiness does not change that. When she claims that bicycles should have the same safety equipment as cars (bumpers? air bags?), she is talking utter nonsense, as when she wants them to have insurance. Insurance for what? How many motorists are injured by collisions with a bicycle? Finally, she wants cyclists to be licensed. What a great idea! In a state with a $40 billion deficit, all our taxes going up and vital services being slashed to the bone, Debi wants to set up a huge new bureaucracy with many thousands of employees — to license bicyclists? And just who would enforce these new rules? Why, our local police — who would take time away from murders and robberies and from getting drunks off the road in order to check bicyclists for their license. (Maybe they could put in for more overtime for this?) I believe that out problems can usually be solved if people of intelligence and good will can get together and discuss them. Unfortunately, Debi Stalder appears to be lacking both these qualities. Larry W. Smith Auburn