Black and White event done deal

Reader Input
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(Recently) the Downtown Business Association held its board/general meeting at the Monkey Cat Restaurant. Present were eight DBA board members and three DBA members. Bruce Cosgrove and Richard Hall requested the DBA approve their Black and White event. The plan is that 1,700 tickets will be available to be given to sponsors to hand out to their chosen guests. The leftover tickets will be disposed by the chamber to their board member friends and families. Streets to be closed from the Clock Tower to the State Theatre. To me that is a private party in a public place and I do not understand why the business district should be inconvenienced at all for this private event. I said the residents suffer as much as the businesses. Businesses close at 6 o’clock but the residents have the noise till the end of the party and the clean-up of the mess after in their yards. We cannot say we do not care about the residents; these are the people who support all our businesses and vote for our City Council. Because there were not many Downtown business owners present, I asked the DBA to hire a neutral person to collect signatures for and against the event and I would pay for the survey. That would be the fair way to handle this controversial situation. If the majority is for the event then by all means do it and if not, then don’t have the event in Downtown. The board passed to support the chamber in this matter with two of the DBA officers being on the board of the chamber as well. BEN ASGHARZADEH, Auburn