Blame fire on man who set it

Reader Input
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Re: “Service cuts spawned Galleria disaster,” (Reader Input, Nov. 30), I believe that the Galleria fire wasn’t “our” fault. When the man set it on fire, it was his choice to do that, not ours. I know we turned him down a few times before, but that doesn’t make it our fault. We are not living in a Utopia where there is an unlimited amount of money and services. Yes, he had some problems, and we probably should have helped him, but there was no way to foresee that he was going to do that. He was delusional. He thought aliens had kidnapped his sister and supposedly told him to set the Galleria on fire. Things like this happen all the time but you can’t predict them ahead of time. So there’s no point in punishing ourselves. COLE LEWIS, student, Auburn