Blame the Grand Old Party

Reader Input
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I was out of town when your opinion was published so I could not respond in a timely fashion (“US President blatantly lies,” Reader Input, Aug. 15). My Lord, Donna (McCloskey), please read and listen to other media sources and become an informed voter.
All of us should vote our party line so whichever is elected can accomplish their goal. Then we will know who is right for our country’s future.
The present administration has tried to do many things and has been shot down because of the tea party majority in the 2010 elections. Does the environment mean anything to you? It’s my grandchildren and their children who will pay as we will be long gone.
New ideas and technology might be hard for you to grasp, but all of this takes time and government money to get it up and running. The Republican 112th Congress has shot down, amended, blocked and undermined hundreds of bills and protection for the Earth. Obama has tried to jump start the economy; Congress said no. Even his appointments to fully investigate the November 2008 economic meltdown (before he was president) have stalled in Congress. Don’t blame him or his administration for the position we are in. Blame The Grand Old Party.
Don’t worry, I was a Republican for a long time myself but their direction has followed the money and headed south for many years. I, too, am upset over the whole deal. Please stay in touch with the facts, so we can become informed voters. I receive two different newspapers and six different opinion magazines. My wife tells me I read, and know too much. But “I am informed” regarding the world as it is today.
Mark Jensen, Newcastle