Blame U.S. ills on psychiatry

Reader Input
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Ann Laman is correct (Reader Input, Jan. 25) in that the education in the U.S. has deteriorated and it’s time to get it back. However, she, like most people, is unaware of the major source of that deterioration: psychiatry. Over the past 60 years they have increasingly gotten their claws into it and have created the current environment by pushing their false ideas like:  “It’s OK to have no ethics,” “There is no right or wrong,” “If it feels good it’s OK,” “You can’t flunk a kid who can’t read — it might ‘damage his psyche,’” the denigration of religion, “parents have no right to discipline their children,” and if a young girl gets an abortion, the parents do not have to be notified. Where do you think those concepts are coming from? Psychiatry's destructive influence has increased with the current drugging of over 10 million children with Ritalin. We need to get psychiatry and its pharmaceutical cohorts out of our schools, restore good ethics and allow parents to render proper control and discipline to their kids and bring back some common sense. This would help us get our great educational system back.  Marcia Winborne-Graven, Auburn