Blame who for debt, recession?

Reader Input
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We hear the two parties accuse and complain about the national debt and the economy all the time. So, which party is the big spender and on whose watch do the recessions occur? I recently did some research going back to the start of the Reagan years and found that of the $9.77 trillion of debt created since the Carter years, the Republican Party was responsible for 85 percent of it. During George H. W. Bush’s tenure, recession and high unemployment began and got him unelected. Clinton solved the recession before his second term which got him re-elected but not before he lost a majority in Congress. Does this sound familiar? It should because it is happening right now. During Clinton’s administration the only decrease in national debt in memory occurred in his last year. George W. suffered through two recessions including the big one that still hasn’t left us. The national debt increased by $5 trillion which was more than the total accumulated since 1976. The American voters need to be careful what they wish for. History has a way of repeating itself. Michael Douglas, Auburn