Blessed to be living in Newcastle

Reader Input
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On Jan. 20 I was involved in a freak accident on Highway 193 in Newcastle. On that very windy, rainy day a chunk of tree trunk blew down on my Mini Cooper just as I was passing by. I will be forever grateful to God for his protection that day. The log broke through my convertible top and landed just a few inches to the right of me. It’s a miracle I’m here today. Many people stopped to help me, despite the terrible weather conditions. (I’m) sending a huge thank you to Brett Wendell, Don Demarest, Tracy Good, the AMR paramedics and especially a woman who identified herself as an EMT, who I believe had an Australian accent. She was so awesome in directing others at the scene as to how they could best help. I don’t know her name and would love to contact her if anyone reading this letter knows her. Also, thank you to Carley Rose at the Sutter Roseville Medical Center emergency room for your comfort. What a wonderful place we live in. Moving to Newcastle 15 years ago was one of the best decisions we ever made! Linda Gilmore, Newcastle