Blessed to live in Auburn

Reader Input
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As I arrived at my son’s football game at Placer High School at 2:30 Sunday I noticed for the first time the black cloud of smoke over North Auburn. I could hear the different people wondering what was burning. My daughter got a call from a friend who works at 84 Lumber stating that it was on fire. And one by one phones began to ring with different stories and the reality of what was happening started to sink in and the wondering turned into fear and concern. Some people left to go help evacuate family members and find out status of their own homes. My daughter received two text messages from friends she has had her whole life whose houses and everything they owned were gone. I could not believe what was happening to our community right before my eyes. I couldn’t help but notice the support and compassion that began to emerge. As I sat home that night watching the reports I saw another friend who was walking up for the first time to see that his house was gone, my heart broke. As tragic as this event is and will continue to be, it has shown me and so many others the true blessing of living in a small town. Auburn is a wonderful community and so willing to help a fallen member. My prayers go out to all those who lost their homes. Jennifer Medrano, Auburn