Blown away by power of Bush

Reader Input
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I, too, am an “old timer” (87!), and therefore assumed to be full of wisdom. Well, perhaps not, but wise enough to understand that presidents do not make and pass laws. Congress does. And, I also seem to recall that the last Congress controlled by the Republicans was in 1984. Just think of it. We have been blessed for over 26 years by a Democrat-dominated Congress. No wonder the country is in such good financial shape, our foreign policy successful and we are so respected throughout the world. I do get a bit upset when President Bush is blamed for everything from swine flu to global warming. I am truly impressed with the power of the man; he did all that? All by himself! With a docile Democrat Congress sitting meekly by. What a guy. But, we are told, all will be well. What we continue to need is a charismatic evangelist for socialism, the intellectually arrogant, coddled product of a liberal preferential system to lead us dumb voters out of the wilderness created by tea baggers. Please folks, if you’re going to hang the bad guys, be sure you have the right culprits. And, don’t fire your brains before they’re fully loaded. Arne Celick, Auburn