Board’s actions are ‘Looney Tunes’

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For 25 minutes of the Silver Bend Board of Supervisors Hearing chaired by the un-elected Kirk Uhler, I thought I was watching a rerun of the Three Stooges or Looney Tunes. Twenty-five embarrassing minutes and the board of supervisors only partially straightened out an over 30-year-old problem for two Auburn benefactors, Mario Ferrante and Bill Prior. When the show finished, I wonder if they got what they wanted. Until now, I’ve been mildly irritated by members of the board of supervisors, now I am rightly angry. After 25 minutes when the chair, seeking to shoot down my request for a continuance, shows me his huge book and tells me how little time they have to digest it, I felt like saying, “Ah, now I know why this board is so bad.” I did, as I have many times, criticize that system. Hold two meetings a week if you have to but get it right by thoroughly reading everything. Several very expensive lawsuits over this project solved nothing. The Redevelopment Agency is spending $3.2 million of our taxpayer dollars for parking lots, when the record shows clearly that Placer County is out of compliance with California law on Silver Bend Road. I asked — how could you spend nearly $4 million for parking lots and spend no money for the safety of Silver Bend area citizens? The schlock way the board of supervisors reached a decision is scandalous. It’s time to campaign for two-term limits for all California supervisors. I will lead the battle, please join me. Dale Smith, Auburn