Board member wants colleagues out

Reader Input
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The upcoming Auburn Area Recreation and Park District (ARD) election will decide whether the ARD board of directors is going to do the will of the people. ARD and county parks have each done two surveys of ARD citizens that document what you most want your park agencies to provide for you. Amazingly, I am the only ARD board member who wants to either follow past needs surveys, or do a new survey to guide ARD’s present and future emphasis. The other board members claim that past needs surveys are invalid, and new surveys that document what you want are unnecessary, because you elect them to make those decisions. However, ARD incumbents (Curtis) Smith and (Scott) Holbrook voted to refuse a gift of $50,000 and 28 acres of wooded parkland in Auburn because it’s too hilly for a gymnasium or sports field. Their votes are directly opposite your documented desires for open space. Who were they representing? Themselves. That 28-acre park was barely accepted by a 3-2 vote. Now Smith and Holbrook oppose building an economical 2.2-mile natural-surface scenic woodland trail on that property. That’s directly opposite your recorded desires for more trails. Who are they representing? Themselves. Why keep politicians who disdain and disregard the will of the people? One of the challengers in this ARD election said to me, “What’s wrong with government is the politicians won’t do what the people want.” I agree. Take back control of your parks and your tax money. Vote out incumbents Smith and Holbrook. Gordon Ainsleigh, ARD board member, Meadow Vista