Bohemia neighbors nix all

Reader Input
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People seem to have selective memories when writing the Journal about proposed Bohemia projects. I will not go into the long history of this project. I do want to tell you that Mr. (Jim) Conkey has presented several projects to the (Placer County) Planning Commission, and to the nearby residents. The projects presented included a very well-planned apartment complex with some low-income units. Mr. Conkey had to change this project to a senior community development because of residents’ concerns the apartment dwellers would use their community park (which is private). The residents rejected all the projects Mr. Conkey brought forward. For whatever reason, or reasons, the adjoining neighbors are negative about any project proposed at the previous Bohemia site. If you are wondering about the reason: the reason is obvious. The residents do not want a project there. Harriet White, Retired Placer County Supervisor, Auburn