Bohemia plans are just too big

Reader Input
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The entrance to the Bohemia property from Canal Street was only one of many issues making this project inappropriate for the location. The fact that Mr. (Jim) Conkey gave in on this does not make all the other problems go away. There will still be increased traffic on Luther Road and Highway 49, and the noise and pollution from all the cars and the delivery trucks, a huge building on Canal Street and a 700-plus car parking lot. The problem with this project is simply the size and scale of it. It’s too big! The Auburn/Bowman Community Plan states that “Height and scale of new development shall be compatible with that of surrounding development.” This clearly is not. The building itself totals 3.5 acres. That is roughly the size of the entire Staples shopping center. They should call it the Behemoth project. The Target site is 10 acres, the Home Depot site is 11 acres and the Behemoth site is 18 acres. This would be the largest commercial retail development in Auburn. A project this size does not belong next to a neighborhood. We need to keep fighting this project. Jim Lunetta, Auburn