Bohemia project facts don’t change

Reader Input
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Bohemia: Once again, let’s get the facts straight. I read Lee Lively’s and Vicky Murrill’s letters to the editor on May 30. I read Lari Knedel’s letter to the editor on June 2. All three letters state erroneous information. Mr. Conkey has not signed any deal with Wal-Mart as I have said time and time again. There is no deal with anyone and there will not be until the project is approved. The letters go on to talk about various items, mainly the EIR and how I stated false information regarding zoning information. Gerry Haas is the project coordinator at the county for Bohemia; in a letter to another homeowner who questioned my statement about the zoning, Gerry had this to say: “Mr. Cavolt is correct in his assertion that this use has always been allowed (with approval of a use permit) on the Bohemia project site.” I think Mr. Conkey and I have addressed and outlined in a common-sense way all the real issues in our letters to the editor and the full page ad on April 4. Therefore, I see no reason to continue addressing the same issues over and over again. The facts don’t change!   I think it is best described by Harriet White, (retired Placer County Supervisor) in her letter to the editor on June 2, “Bohemia neighbors nix all.” Harriet says it best, “The residents rejected all the projects Mr. Conkey brought forward. For whatever reason, or reasons, the adjoining neighbors are negative about any project proposed at the previous Bohemia site. If you are wondering about the reason: the reason is obvious. The residents do not want a project there.” Thank you, Harriet, for setting the record straight. That is really the bottom line. It’s not about the EIR or the zoning. They just don’t want a project at all. Steve Cavolt, Bohemia project coordinator