Bohemia to reveal who gets respect

Reader Input
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The public hearing before the Placer County Planning Commission on Feb. 25 revealed, without question, that the residential developments surrounding the proposed Bohemia project are completely opposed to the project. This is based on serious and realistic concerns about its impact on local traffic, pollution, noise, safety and its general impact on the quality of life for these well-established developments. The builder’s association is, not surprisingly, delighted with the possible short-term infusion of a lot of contracting jobs. The planning commission is, of course, appointed by the county supervisors. The supervisors, in turn, are elected by the community, and swear to represent the wishes of the people who elect them. I assume they want their appointees to also respect the people’s wishes. We will soon find out whose wishes are more important. Is the builder’s association more important to our elected officials than the wishes and long-term quality of life for hundreds of homeowners who will not be able to avoid the effects of this decision? Paula Celick, Auburn