Boo on good ol’ boy candidates

Reader Input
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The Mitt Romney pick of Paul Ryan (as vice presidential running mate) is a big mistake. The country is not ready to elect a conservative Mormon and a conservative pro-life Catholic on the same ticket. The tea party and the Republican base is probably ecstatic, but they are extreme right-wing. The (candidates) are two white men who are not inclusive, represent the 1 percent and the wealthy and want to dismantle the middle class and the poor, trying to eliminate Medicare as we know it and even get rid of Title Nine which allowed so many young women to compete in sports. The ticket means a continuing war on women and a continuation of the all-white male good old boys club. How could you have watched any of the London Olympics and not be impressed with women in sports? The world is changing and women are a sleeping giant that will move all humanity into a new era. You go, girls. Carol Wallgren, Auburn