Both parties failed miserably

Reader Input
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In the recent writings of Bob and Ginny Mock, it was said that wisdom comes with old age, their expressed wisdom at least (Reader Input, Aug. 30). While the Mocks may have a few years on me, I’ve lived in California for most of my life, and I believe I have acquired some wisdom also. I have been a California resident under governors Pat Brown and his son, Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown. As I recall, when Pat Brown was campaigning for governor, he disavowed any tax increase. My memory is that he soon raised the tax on cigarettes a nickel. I was a smoker then and a nickel was a pretty big deal. With respect to Junior “Moonbeam,” I recall a complete fiasco created by his leadership, especially with the appointment of Rose Bird to the State Supreme Court (later kicked out by the citizens). Then his failed ego trip in attempting to be the POTUS (President of the United States) was an obvious California rejection of him and his policies. With “old” wisdom, I would suggest that all voters not vote for any incumbent, or any “has been” professional politician. Both major parties have failed miserably and most members of both houses are only in it to ensure their own well-being and wealth. The song and dance is that the newcomer has no experience. Who needs experience? All one has to do is to possess common sense and say no to the lobbyists and PACS. When you have found who can do that, you have a representative of the people. RON SCHWAB, Auburn