Bowman Charter gets new backstop

Daybreak Rotary Club donates project to school
By: Andrew Westrope, Staff Writer
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A local volunteer project will restore Bowman Charter School’s baseball field to working order this month by furnishing the school with a new backstop.

With initial help from Pacific Gas & Electric, Daybreak Rotary Club of Auburn will construct and install the new fence where the old one once stood. Principal Gary Yee said it was “very dilapidated” and had to be removed last year while the school’s new transitional kindergarten was being installed at the southwest corner of the campus.

 “Our communication with Daybreak goes back to fall 2012. The actual backstop was ordered about a month ago, and when the material arrived, that’s when we made the contact with PG&E through Daybreak,” he said. “PG&E drilled the holes. The rest of the installation is going to be done with Daybreak Rotary members.”

Club president Steven Lease said PG&E drilled the holes for the fence last week, and he expects his volunteers will have their first official workday next weekend.

The club generated the cost of the project – about $2,500 – with a Bingo night fundraiser on March 2, and Lease is tentatively aiming for a ribbon-cutting party at the end of the month if the school’s schedule will allow it. Having participated in similar community projects in the past, such as installing the garden and patio at the Infusion Therapy Center and recycling aluminum cans for veterans, he said work on the baseball field seemed like a favor to all concerned.

“All Rotary clubs do a community service project, and April 27 is Rotary-At-Work Day, so our goal is to make this our project for the year,” Lease said. “We have donated books to Bowman’s library for several years … and then obviously, when they no longer had the backstop because they had to take that one out, we asked if there was a project we could do and help the school.”

For more information, contact Lease at (916) 899-4026.