Boxer receives cheers and jeers at Lincoln visit

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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Amid sounds of protest from outside, Sen. Barbara Boxer addressed more than 400 residents Wednesday afternoon at Sun City’s Orchard Creek Lodge. Boxer spoke at a Lincoln Democratic Club meeting and is a Democrat running for reelection to the U.S. Senate. Immediately upon taking the stage, Boxer addressed the 75-plus protesters outside. “You can hear the wonderful sounds of democracy outside,” Boxer said. “Let’s make more noise than them.” Her comment resulted in deafening cheers from the audience inside. Messages conveyed by Boxer during her speech are that she stands to protect social security, jobs and the middle class. “I know this: our state needs a fighter for jobs and I am that fighter,” Boxer said. Boxer said she will also fight for clean energy and bringing jobs back that have been outsourced in the past. “My opponent (Carly Fiorina) didn’t give California a chance. She shipped jobs to China and Russia and called it right-shoring,” Boxer said. “It wasn’t right, it was wrong.” Boxer closed her speech by asking those present to “talk about this campaign five to 10 minutes a day” with their friends and family. The News Messenger asked Boxer after the meeting how, in light of Measure K passing or not passing, the city should handle its budget problems. “It is up to the local people. The local people have to decide,” Boxer said. “I don’t think as a U.S. senator, I can tell cities or counties what to do.” Audience members The News Messenger spoke with were enthusiastic about Boxer and the messages she conveyed. “Right on,” said Sammi McShan of Lincoln. “I’m here to support her and all of the good work she has done in the past.” Donald Hair said he found out about the meeting late Tuesday night and “felt it was important to attend. “I’m an American first and would like to see all of us taking car of one another,” Hair said. “I think Barbara Boxer would look out for Americans.” It was hard to miss the crowd that was not in support of Boxer and her possible re-election into the Senate. Most protesters said they were there on their own accord; some said they were Tea Party members. The crowd waited for Boxer to arrive, organizing chants and showing off their signs of protest to those who drove by the lodge. Some signs included sayings such as “Fire Boxer, Hire Carly,” “Change the stinky boxers” and “Dumber than a boxer of rocks.” “What we’re hoping to accomplish is that she loses. We don’t need her anymore,” Linda Grant said. “All she does is spend money in favor of big government.” Several of those in the crowd carried signs in support of Boxer’s opponent, Fiorina. “I like Carly. I think she wants to help businesses in California,” said Becci Lammi of Sacramento. “Barbara Boxer does not represent the needs of California.”