Boys & Girls Club members get sneak peek at new facility

By: Stephanie Breitbart
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The new Boys & Girls club in downtown Auburn is scheduled to open in June and the kids are more than ready for the move. This week, some of the club kids got a sneak peek at the new clubhouse, which is located at the Community 1st Bank campus at 679 Lincoln Way. Randy Tooker, chief professional officer of the Boys & Girls Club, said the three-story building will be able to offer many more services and programs for youth than are currently available and he was eager to take the kids over for their first look at the building. “It’s very exciting,” Tooker said, “The kids’ eyes lit up and they were amazed at the amount of space and all they will be able to do.” On Thursday, the Auburn Journal asked some of those kids what they were most excited about with the new Boys & Girls Clubhouse: Evan, 9, “The vans and going on field trips. Plus, when it’s raining we can play in gym and not outside.” Cherish, 7, “I liked the lookout tower in the back. It’s a playground we can play on.” Jesus, 7, “I liked the gym with the basketball and football area.” Skylee, 7, “There is going to be a little cottage for arts and crafts.” Mariah, 9, “I like the cottage. It is clean and small.” Matt, 10, “I think it’s pretty cool that the kids can play underground in a large area.” (Due to the building being on a slope, half of the first floor of the building is underground.) Ty, 11, “There is going to be a bigger computer lab with more computers. The teen area is a lot bigger and I will use that in a few years.” Cassi, 15, “It’s a lot bigger than what we have now and we have our own area. There are more opportunities for kids to have fun. More cooking projects.” Jesus, 8, “It’s much bigger and much better. There is a place where we can plant and much more space than we have here.” Keegan, 9, “It’s huge compared to the place we are in now. I am most excited about the performing arts area. They are going to do drama, teach us instruments and new dances.” Gerardo, 6, “The gym, because we can do a lot of stuff like tag, freeze tag and lava tag.” Mark, 12, “The gym because we actually have a place to play basketball where the ball hits a wall and comes back to us. Here in the parking lot when we throw the ball it doesn’t come back.” – Stephanie Breitbart