Brave souls exercise duty

Reader Input
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The American people elected (President Barack) Obama expecting change in health, energy, economic and foreign policies. On every front, proposals to reform these critical areas have been met with subterfuge from entrenched special interests that dominate the media and corrupt our politicians. A striking example of the apprehension of such influence peddlers was the caution expressed by a conservative Republican president in his “Farewell Address.” (President Dwight D.) Eisenhower (not ’60s activists) coined the phrase “military industrial complex” when he warned “we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence” and “the potential for the devastating rise of misplaced power.” This comes from a supreme allied commander in World War II. We must fight them to reverse failed policies of rampant deregulation and loophole-ridden taxation of a super-rich minority who, despite their claims, benefit most from government spending and borrowing. If we reflect on our history, it should be clear that politicians do not stand up to these interests nor enact change without pressure from popular action. Workers’ rights, civil rights and withdrawal from wrongheaded, costly foreign conflict occurred as a result of people bravely taking it to the streets, a Constitutional right, and, in my opinion, duty … the fervent exercise of which is long overdue. Jim Beall, Sr., Applegate