Bring back old PG&E meter

Reader Input
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I have a small home in Michigan Bluff at 4,000 feet elevation and there are only about 25 homes in this town. We are a few miles from Foresthill, Placer County. Unknown to me, we find that PG&E has come in and installed the SmartMeters in the whole town. As you know, these wireless meters transmit pulses of microwave energy radiating roughly every minute around the clock. I didn’t receive any notice as to its installation, or authorization. I know that microwaves can cause a brain tumor and frequent danger of health damage, and the likelihood of radiation exposure, and I am quite concerned (about) the possible significant health issue, as the SmartMeter installation is within five feet of my bed. In addition, being a licensed amateur radio operator, which my son is also (he is also slightly autistic), we also have the possibility of harmful interference in radio equipment we are running, which would be in direct violation of FCC Communication Act and guidelines, and a health hazard. Hence, a two-fold situation: health and interference. I have requested in writing that PG&E re-install the analog meter ASAP. WALTER SCHIVO, Novato; DARREN SCHIVO, Michigan Bluff