Bring back our country

Reader Input
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The jackass is doing all he can to be the president for the second term but I do hope people realize he has done nothing for our country but put us in terrible debt. He has been on 17 vacations using the plane we pay the gas for. The so-called First Lady tells Americans they are obese and should learn to eat properly. Tell her to keep her mouth shut. I guarantee our country is getting to be like Nazi Germany. Even Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ignore the American people. They disregard their oaths of office to protect our Constitution. The jackass is allowing illegal aliens to participate in American elections. Also, there should be no Social Security for illegal aliens. We Americans have worked for our Social Security and should not lose it. He wants to grant amnesty to illegal aliens so we can be known as the United Nations, not the United States of America. As of today he agrees to ?gay marriage.? It shows he needs more votes so he changes his mind. Believe me, he will do nothing for you. You work just as hard as any one of us; you pay taxes, buy homes, have families and are great parents. Shows all he wants is your votes. I have lived in the state of California all my life and I am 81 years (old). I remember when we could walk down our streets 24 hours a day and not be bothered or scared; now we can?t even open our front door feeling safe. Please bring our state and country back to us. ?God bless America.? DEE NANN, Christian Valley