Bring back the school buses

Reader Input
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I am a senior citizen living in Auburn who doesn’t drive. I use the public bus often and am very happy with their services, especially when I do my “heavy shopping,” milk, juice, laundry, soap, etc. I’m ill with cancer and emphysema so it really helps me. I’ve also gotten osteoporosis from radiation treatment, which caused my back to fracture last year, so I have to be real careful, and am in constant pain. After heavy shopping last week, I boarded the transit to go home and there was no room so I had to stand in the rear. The bus was filled with school children, yelling and playing on their way home. The bus couldn’t take its regular route because of this and I had to get dropped off one-quarter mile from home. I had to stop several times to use my breather, and rest with my load of groceries. Needless to say my back was killing me. If I had stumbled, my back could have rebroken. I love children, but they are not the bus driver’s responsibility. I’m sure there are hundreds of yellow buses somewhere. The bus driver is a professional driver, not a babysitter. The parents and school district should not push their responsibility elsewhere. Bring back the school buses. EDWARD J. TALLANT, Auburn