Bring on free guns and ammo

Reader Input
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Re: Paulette Walter’s “Republican men a step backward” (Reader Input, March 8). Speaking as a Republican man, with a Republican wife, I am not aware of any predominate Republican leadership that advocates abolishing birth control. What we do propose is personal responsibility for your personal choice. Simply put, we should not have to pay for you to play. (By the way: Rush Limbaugh never said or indicated you need to take a pill every time you have sex), though I suspect in a lot of cases that would be cheaper than taking a pill daily as prescribed. To use your logic. however, as I’m constitutionally guaranteed the right to bear arms, perhaps we should advocate a government program to provide every citizen with guns and ammunition. Hmm, that’s not a bad idea. Got to go. I need to get a letter off to my Congressional representatives. Chuck Mortensen, Colfax