Bring Rumsfeld, Bush to justice

Reader Input
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I would like to inform the readers, since our media is not doing it. Today I read an article which enlightened me to the fact that there are several countries who seek to arrest and prosecute Mr. (George W.) Bush and Mr. (Donald) Rumsfeld for war crimes. From the article, we know that the 7th District Court is hearing cases concerning torture. Here’s an excerpt from “Welcome to Boston, Mr. Rumsfeld”: “The 7th Circuit ruling is the latest in a growing number of legal actions involving hundreds of former prisoners and torture victims filed in courts around the world. Criminal complaints have been filed against Rumsfeld and other Bush administration officials in Germany, France and Spain. Former President Bush recently curbed travel to Switzerland due to fear of arrest following criminal complaints lodged in Geneva. ‘He’s avoiding the handcuffs,’ Reed Brody, counsel for Human Rights Watch, told Reuters. “And the Mayor of London threatened Bush with arrest for war crimes earlier this year should he ever set foot in his city, saying that were he to land in London to ‘flog his memoirs,’ that ‘the real trouble — from the Bush point of view — is that he might never see Texas again.’” I say, give them both a one-way ticket to justice. Suzy Forwood, Auburn