Bring Wollan back on board

Reader Input
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I am so glad that Auburn is now in the 5th District of the Placer County Water Agency because that means that I can vote for Otis Wollan as my representative on that board. Otis is a 20-year veteran of the board and we need him back. He is an expert on water issues, capable of protecting our water rights as well as providing sound financial management of the utility. I had him speak to a civic affairs group that I belong to on water issues while he was on the board and he simply dazzled the members. If you have a chance to hear him speak, don’t miss the opportunity. I guarantee you also will be impressed and eager to get him back working for us. He also has his priorities straight. Recognizing that fire is the No. 1 threat to our community, he is already planning ahead for the time when a portion of the revenue from PCWA’s new license can be used for fire protection. This is uncommon foresight which will preserve the beauty and safety of our beloved foothills and mountains. Please join me in putting Otis Wollan back on the PCWA board. Joyce Beland, Auburn