Brown means more trouble

Reader Input
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California is in big trouble! Unionized state workers have been provided with incomes twice that of private sector workers, along with outrageous pensions — this from our compliant state government legislature. Guess who signed the bill to unionize them: former Governor Jerry Brown. For the past 30 years this economic virus has been slowly bankrupting California. The stench leaking out from all levels including counties and cities like Bell has finally brought needed attention to all this surreptitious nest-feathering by public employees. But wait. Here comes Attorney General Jerry Brown riding to the rescue. He is going to put those bad people who abused the taxpayers in jail. Until now he did not seem to have a clue as to what was happening on his watch. Can we depend on Jerry Brown to oppose all that he has built? Hardly! Look at the way he opposed the ban on gay marriage. The people spoke on that one and voted it into law, but there he is, our Attorney General, going to court to nullify the law, and defeat the will of the people. Maybe he should check out the 10th Amendment to our Constitution, which he has sworn to protect and defend. We can do better. FRED COLBURN, Meadow Vista