Brown spells disaster

Reader Input
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Brown is not the answer for California. Why is our state in financial crisis? Simply put, because the Legislature, as puppets of the big unions in California, have failed to realize that they can’t continually spend more money than they bring in. So what’s their solution? More taxes and heavier restrictions on manufacturing jobs (SB 32). But they cannot collect taxes from people who do not live in California. And people will live where they can find work. And businesses will not come to or stay in California when their tax liabilities and costs of doing business here are severely affecting their bottom lines. And make no mistake about it. Anyone who is in business, has been in business, or have ever taken a business course knows that if a business owner does not watch their bottom line, then they will not be in business very long, a lesson our Legislature needs to learn. Arnold (Schwarzenegger), for all his many faults, tried to stand up to big unions and attack the budget. He lost that battle. Jerry Brown will not lose that battle, because he won’t fight it. He will join the unions and the liberals in the state capitol to make sure there is no motivation for any business to remain in California. There is no way this state stays afloat without huge tax and spending cuts in Sacramento. Jerry Brown will never give that to us business owners. So why keep our businesses in California if he is elected? There is no reason to. The state is already near financial collapse because of what the unions and left have done in the capitol. With Brown in the governor’s mansion ... er ... apartment, there is nothing to stop the collapse, nothing at all. John Manuola, Auburn