Brush clearing doesn’t save homes

Reader Input
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Re: “Residents raise money for firebreak,” (Journal, July 8), I continue to be upset by the fact that the fire agencies are not always truthful with the public regarding clearing. I cleared my property in 2003 and still lost everything in the firestorms of San Diego County. Any and everything can burn in the right conditions. Catastrophic fires are caused by high winds and you should plan around this fact. If you look into the science, it shows flying embers and high winds start fires. Most fires start from these embers landing on roofs. Recent fire science shows the real fuel is the structures themselves and they set other houses on fire. There are fire barricade gels saving homes all over the world. This is the real truth I found out on my own doing my own research. You folks would be far better off raising money to get steel or cement shingle roofs, buying barricade gels and getting your house as fire-safe as possible. “Fuels” clearing or “brush clearing” does not save homes and it does a lot of damage to the habitat in the meantime. When are the fire agencies going to tell you the reality? I don’t know? Virginia Moran, Grass Valley