Budget deficit unsustainable

Reader Input
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How much longer must Americans suffer with the lack of candidness and honesty out of the Oval Office under Barack Obama? If you pay any attention to the Congressional Budget Office and follow their news releases, you would be concerned. For instance — Friday’s Congressional Budget Office report said Obama’s budget would produce a $977 billion deficit next year — $75 billion more than predicted by the White House. For people like me who take an avid interest in what is happening in our government, the CBO budget releases are always very significant and they scare me. This report is no different. Examine very carefully this next statement: “CBO found that by 2016 deficits as a share of the economy would be below 3 percent — a key milestone of fiscal sustainability,” said White House budget office acting director Jeffrey Zients. But is this the real truth, or is there something being hidden here? For the current budget year, CBO says Obama’s policies, if enacted, would generate a $1.25 trillion deficit. That’s $74 billion better than the White House forecast but still represents the fourth consecutive year of trillion-dollar-plus deficits. The nonpartisan CBO said Obama’s budget office consistently overestimates tax revenues over the coming decade. CBO predicts revenues on average that are about $120 billion less each year than predicted by the White House. Even the poorest math student can tell you it can’t go on like this. Dale Smith, Auburn