Build big box stores at airport

Reader Input
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In my opinion, the city of Auburn should exercise eminent domain over the Auburn airport area. It’s an excellent place for big box stores. The airplanes can fly out of the Grass Valley and Lincoln areas. There are three schools and numerous convalescent homes at the end of the airport runway. It’s not a great place for an airport; maybe 35 years ago, but not today. It makes no sense for the airport to remain there for a select few and endanger the sounding area for their benefit. The roads are already wide enough to accommodate large trucks from Bell Road, and the tax revenue generated from business and big box stores in that area, would no doubt be welcomed by the city of Auburn, as opposed to a few airplanes. Speaking of airplanes, we paid how much for a helicopter ... $4 million? There’s our tax dollars hard at work. And how many lives have been saved with this new toy of theirs so far? The old one was just fine. Jeremiah Navratil, Auburn