Build big boxes, just not on Canal

Reader Input
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Auburn needs a Costco, Michaels, Trader Joe’s and possibly Wal-Mart. Why does Auburn need this? Auburn is dying. Businesses are closing, people are losing their jobs and/or homes. On Feb. 23, per the Journal, the bowling alley may close. (That’s) just another example of where Auburn is headed unless something is done. Auburn definitely has other locations for box stores. What about the old Coherent building at the airport? I am sure there are other empty buildings in that area. You may think congestion? It would be about the same because most of those traveling on Highway 49 are going to the box stores in Roseville. If the city officials would meet the companies half-way and not demand so much, we might get the stores and needed revenue to run the city. Maybe the city roads and sewers could be repaired and the buildings Downtown the needed face-lift to match the street. The above-mentioned companies would be a great boost to the local economy, but I do not believe the proposed Canal Street location (residential) is the place for any of them. DEE WILLIAMS, Auburn