Build Wal-Mart in Meadow Vista

Reader Input
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I am always amazed at those who are in such strong support of a Wal-Mart in Auburn are ones who don’t live in Auburn or the immediate area. Let’s put one in their backyard and listen to how much they like it. I think a good spot would be in Meadow Vista. In response to Deanna Wright’s letter of Nov. 17, I am really glad that she has such concern for me. She is in fact correct when she says or at least infers that I don’t speak for everyone. I think it is only fair to say that my concerns are that of those who live in the immediate area and not the outskirts. As for the time it takes me from point A to point B all I can say is I drive the speed limit and have never had a ticket. When Deanna refers to our area she should keep in mind that she lives in Meadow Vista, and not Auburn. Again let’s have a Wal-Mart in Meadow Vista and then listen to the comments. Still Disgusted. Paul McDaniel, Auburn