Bureaucracy takes no holiday

Reader Input
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I can only hope that the public does not think that all U.S. Postal Service personnel enforce bureaucratic regulations as unfeelingly as the postmaster of Colfax (Journal, Dec. 4). Surely there is a place for regulations as a protection to the service as well as to customers. However, this is a season which has always, at least in the past, brought out the best in human nature — allowing for rational bending of rules, for compassion and for charity. Sadly, this story will probably bring about some area-wide mandate forbidding all such activities. That is the way of bureaucracies. How unfortunate that would be — another nail in the coffin of seasonal sentiment and the warming of hearts. Next time you go into a post office, particularly in Colfax, wish all the staff you see “Merry Christmas.” Not all are Grinches. Bob Namanny, Auburn