Burn ban continuing in Placer County

By: Journal Staff
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AUBURN CA - The Placer County Air Pollution Control District is reminding people thinking of outdoor burning to check before they do and then follow rules and regulations.

Rising temperatures and clear skies could signal a so-called burn day, especially with a light wind blowing. But Ann Hobbs, of the Air Pollution Control District, said Wednesday that a burn ban that started Tuesday could last through mid-week or longer next week.

“Statewide, California is experiencing stagnant air-flow conditions, with an inversion that will continue to get stronger,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs said people considering outdoor burning should contact their fire agency for burn permit requirements.

Air conditions signaling a burn ban are similar to last January, Hobbs said. An inversion in the air means smoke is not easily able to rise and disperse.

“The ban started Tuesday but the weather forecast predicts we could see it lasting for some time,” Hobbs said. “It could be mid-week next week before a possible weather system can come our way.”

 To find out daily if it’s a burn day, residents who are within 12 miles of Auburn can call (530) 889-6868. For residents outside of that area, a toll-free number (1-800-998-2876) is also available to those calling from a Placer County land line. Burn day information is also available online at