Bus is nice, but not for the taxpayers

Reader Input
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We used the school bus this year to transport our first-grader. We are very happy with the service provided. We found the drivers to be professional, kind and good at managing the children. The bus was on-time and we always felt safe using the system. We feel that our school and its neighborhood are impacted by traffic and that our bus use helped a little to reduce traffic. We paid about $1 per day for round-trip service, and it seemed like a bargain to us. We were stunned to read the piece by guest columnist, Martin Wood, CEO of Mid-Placer Public Schools Transportation Agency (Journal, June 11). Martin described the parent payment as 2 percent of operating costs. If his figure is correct, that means the actual cost of transporting our child was $50 per day, with $49 paid by others through state and local taxes. That cost seems way too high, and the subsidy is completely out of proportion to the user fee. If these figures are correct it is time for this service to go away. We will be sorry to see it go. It really was a bargain (for us, not the taxpayer). Carpool anyone? Brian O’Brien, Auburn